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Specialized Texts

Translations of specialized medical, technical and IT documents.

Certified Translations

Do you need a sworn translation? Just say.


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you will not be caught unaware.


Proofreading not only of foreign languages but also Czech.


Our translations are as fast as batting your eyelid.

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Specialized Texts

  • Legal and court translations
  • Translations of technical texts (user and installation manuals, technological directions, instructions for machines and industry, technical reports, certificates, ISO and other standards, software, hardware, telecommunications, applications, IT, medical instruments, etc.)
  • Translations of pharmaceutical and medical texts (SPCs, PILs, clinical trials and studies, marketing authorization documents, research documentation, drug packaging)
  • Translations of legal texts (contracts and agreements, general and special terms and conditions, claims and actions, appeals, declarations, decisions, resolutions, laws, regulations, rules of procedure, applications, forms, word of honour statements, minutes of meetings; company and civil law, etc.)
  • Translations of economic texts (economic analyses, annual reports, financial statements, balance sheets, profit and loss accounts, bids for tenders, business correspondence, documents for investments and incentives, tax forms, pricelists, reports to investors, project audits, auditor reports, etc.)
  • Translations of websites and other presentations (advertising materials, promotional or information leaflets, brochures and catalogues)