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Our translators
live their languages.

Specialized Texts

Translations of specialized medical, technical and IT documents.

Certified Translations

Do you need a sworn translation? Just say.


Thanks to our interpreting,
you will not be caught unaware.


Proofreading not only of foreign languages but also Czech.


Our translations are as fast as batting your eyelid.

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We provide high quality translations at very reasonable prices.

The length of jobs is calculated by standard page (SP), where one standard page is defined as 1800 characters including spaces, i.e. 30 lines with 60 characters each.
Prices do not include VAT, which must be added; the current valid VAT rate is 20%.

The minimum charged amount is half a standard page, while text in excess of half a standard page is rounded up to the nearest decimal place.

With verified translations, the smallest charged unit is 1 standard page and texts are rounded up to full standard pages.

Type of ServicePrice per 1 SP w/o VAT
Translations from Czech into English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Ukrainian and Russian 335 CZK
Translations from English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Ukrainian and Russian into Czech 295 CZK
Translations from Czech into Slovak and vice versa 200 CZK
Translations from Czech into a foreign language and vice versa – other European languages not shown above 425 CZK
Translations from foreign into foreign language (depending on the combination) 510-700 CZK
Verification of translation by sworn interpreter 120 CZK
Proofreading - Czech od 70 CZK
Proofreading - foreign language od 130 CZK
Charges for express jobs (more than 6 SP a day) 20-50%
Charges for demanding graphic editing (inserting tables, charts, diagrams, photos, etc.) 10-30%


We offer accompanying (informational) and consecutive (or subsequent) interpreting, as well as interpreting at official meetings by sworn interpreter (before courts and the police, in general meetings, ...).

If longer interpretation (e.g. abroad) is needed, the client is asked to provide the interpreter with appropriate accommodation and meals during the stay. Prices for such interpretation - with a trip around the country or abroad, are negotiated individually. We are also able to arrange an interpreter residing near the interpretation venue (on request).

Example prices for interpreting (excluding VAT) taking place in Prague:

Serviceup to 4 hrs.4 - 8 hrs. more than 8 hrs.
accompanying 2.360 CZK 4.690 CZK + 590 CZK/ hr.
consecutive 2.790 CZK 5.490 CZK + 690 CZK/ hr.
sworn 3.490 CZK 6.490 CZK + 900 CZK/ hr.
simultaneous (cabin, whispered) prices on request

The interpreter’s work includes not just actual interpreting, but also their required presence at the client’s when there is no communication, so-called downtime.