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Our translators
live their languages.

Specialized Texts

Translations of specialized medical, technical and IT documents.

Certified Translations

Do you need a sworn translation? Just say.


Thanks to our interpreting,
you will not be caught unaware.


Proofreading not only of foreign languages but also Czech.


Our translations are as fast as batting your eyelid.

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We offer consecutive and court translations

Consecutive Interpreting

This sort of interpreting is used usually in business negotiations or accompanying interpretation in manufacturing operations, at training sessions, lectures with smaller numbers of attendees, and similar events. The speaker always leaves time for the interpreter to formulate the contents in the target language and only then continues speaking.

Court Interpreting

For certain languages and their combinations, we are able to ensure interpreting by interpreters registered with the relevant courts. Such interpreting is necessary, among others, in legal proceedings and trials, general meetings, in marriage ceremonies, at registries or public notaries.

Interpreting outside Prague

We recommend ordering this kind of interpreting sufficiently in advance since transport (and sometimes accommodation) must be booked. If necessary, we are able to find an interpreter at the place where the event is held (even abroad), if you do not need the interpreter’s services on the way there.