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Specialized Texts

Translations of specialized medical, technical and IT documents.

Certified Translations

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Proofreading not only of foreign languages but also Czech.


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Certified Translations

You will need a certified translation, aka verified translation or court translation when the translated document has to be legally valid in the given country. This is needed e.g. for communication with domestic or foreign attorneys, justice or government institutions. Such documents include copies of entries in registers (Commercial Register, Penal Register), contracts, powers of attorney, but also personal identification papers (birth certificate, marriage certificate, evidence of education, court decisions) or other important documents.

Only a translator who has been appointed for the given language by a competent court may provide a certified translation. The translator binds his or her translation to the original, a plain copy or an authenticated copy* and adds an interpretation clause which is an integral part of such verified translation.

* Copies may be verified by notaries, local authorities (only documents in Czech) and newly also post offices and branches of the Chamber of Commerce, i.e. Czechpoint contact places.

We have set out everything to make it very easy for you. We provide certified translations not only in Prague, but throughout the Czech Republic.
Send us your document (or a verified copy). To speed things up, you can also fax or e-mail a scan. The translation can thus be completed before the post office delivers your document. We then bind the original to the translation and send it back to the address you have indicated. The same procedure can be chosen for courier services within Prague.